New online BODY CONTOURING Specialist Training Course with CERTIFICATE 
Learn in just Hours the most innovative techniques to reduce: Inches, Localized Fat, Cellulite, Stretch Marks and Saggy Skin

Work from home or at home, Salon, Spa, Gym, etc

BODY CONTOURING Specialist Training Course with CERTIFICATE
Get started from your home, or add body contouring treatments to your salon, tanning salon, health club or related business–with NO ridiculous “licensing” fee.
Thinking of starting a body wrap business?

Want to know what it costs to start, or how difficult it is to learn?
How much space do you need, and can you start out doing it in your home?
Most importantly, how much money can you make?

These pages and training should answer these questions, as well as most other questions you may have about this very lucrative business.
Looking to increase your menu of body treatment services? Increase your bottom line with an easy and inexpensive way to add spa treatments that make your business a step above the rest!
Effective and exclusive treatment method! No Shower Required! Special techniques and products that will have your clients coming back again and again!
Be a part of growing demand for expert Body Contouring Specialists. It’s part of our commitment to provide body conturing industry education at an affordable price. You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars for Body Contouring & Sculpting training!
-Start a New Career with Your Own Body Contouring Business
-Easy Business with Incredible income opportunity
-The Body Contouring Market Potential is Phenomenal
Reducing, weight-loss and cellulite have always been a major problem for women. Our Body Contouring treatments is an advanced development  that works on shrinking the adipose tissue of fatty pockets, called cellulite, found directly below the surface of the skin. Now you can help people lose inches and improve skin tone!
Clients will pay $75 – $200+ for body contouring and sculpting treatments at Salons and Spas! Now you can benefit from this phenomenon!
Opportunities that are available now!
Our BODY CONTOURING Specialist Training Course with CERTIFICATE (ONLINE) provide theoretical and practical techniques and methods that will help you stand out from the rest. You will learn four of the top money making BODY CONTOURING in the industry – one  hour body treatments that you can charge your clients anywhere from $60.00 to $120.00+ per hour! You’ll see why BODY CONTOURING Treatments are a very lucrative spa treatment for salons, days spas, massage therapists and other types of health and beauty related businesses.
Hands-on instruction course on a contouring and shaping process. Used in Spas Worldwide! The treatment your clients have been asking for!
What past attendees are charging per client:
Minneapolis: $70.00
Seattle: $80.00
Atlanta: $95.00
Beverly Hills: $120.00+
New York City: $110.00
Chattanooga: $80.00
Miami: $75.00
Chicago: $95.00
Average cost of treatment: LESS THAN $7!. Utilizing our products and methods.
(*)Employment Opportunities for BODY CONTOURING Specialist include working in:
Massage offices & private practice. Group practice. Home offices. Hospitals & wellness centers. Chiropractic offices. Health clubs & fitness centers. Spas & resorts. Hotels Beauty and hair salons. Cruise ships.
No previous experience in health, beauty or fitness industries is recommend, but we have noticed people coming from this background have more success with promoting BODY CONTOURING Treatments. All successful students receive a BODY CONTOURING Specialist certificate of completion after attending and satisfactory participating in the ONLINE training class. Some restrictions apply.
Online BODY CONTOURING Specialist Training Course DESCRIPTION
To educate any person WITH OR WITHOUT NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE in the business of the health and beauty on the rapidly growing demand for BODY CONTOURING Specialist and to perform these treatments competently and professionally. Detailed, step-by-step information that will help in developing a successful and profitable Contour Body Wrap Business. Includes information on equipment needed, treatment room setup, counseling the client, measuring, BODY CONTOURING technique, promotional ideas, and much more.
Upon completion, students will have the ability to administer professional body contouring in order to detoxify, cleanse, tone and purify the skin and body and PREVENT or ALTERING THE APPEARANCE OF THE LOCALIZED FAT, INCHES, CELLULITIS, STRETCH MARKS AND FLACCIDITY. Students will have the ability to recognize the intense restorative effects that body contouring tretaments have on the many layers of the skin, and its ability to be used with other body treatments and modalities to enhance the treatment. 
No prerequisites: Anyone interested can take this course to become a CERTIFICADED Body Contouring & Sculpting expert. This is a new, fantastic way to increase your spa menu of body treatment services. Body Contouring treatments is an inexpensive way to increase your revenue and give an effective quality service to your spa guest.
Client Consultation/Consent Pre-treatment body analysis, room preparation, equipment knowledge/use, products, tools and supplies, home-care/retail, body wraps and combined treatments.
BODY CONTOURING Specialist Training Course with CERTIFICATE (ONLINE)
This training course provides theoretical and practical techniques that will build your competency and confidence in providing Non-Invasive Body Contouring and Sculpting treatments to your clients.
You will learn step by step procedures to perform professionally these non-invasive Body treatments:

Top 10 Non-Invasive Body Sculpting Beauty Treatments1-Body CLAY Therapy with Sugar Scrub and Massage Oil2-Transdermal Beauty MESO-PATCHES 3-Cryo (Cold) & Thermal (Hot) Body Treatment4-Body DETOX Anti-Cellulite Peel off Mask5-Ready-To-Wrap COLD & HOT Reducing Bandages6-Post-Surgery Anti-Inflammatory Therapy7-SEAWEED Inches Loss & Anti-Cellulite Body Treatment8-Parafango Lymphatic Drain, Detox & Wellness 9-Body Contouring with Infrared Thermal Blanket10-SlimPlaster Therapy

You will learn the step by step procedure of several of the most advanced and profitable professional body treatments in the industry. 
New online BODY CONTOURING Specialist Training Course with CERTIFICATE 
Take advantage of the BEST Body Contouring Training Course in the USA by learning the techniques, procedures and marketing information of body contouring treatments. 
Obtaining your Body Contouring Certification online will let you know what’s new for inch loss and cellulite reduction. Without spending thousands of dollars on expensive beauty equipment. It is also part of a $16+ billion industry, that’s growing every day. And, even though Covid has slowed many down, the searches for body shaping haven’t changed much. In fact, they actually reached breakout levels over the past 12 months.
What Exactly Is Body Contouring Certification?
Body Contouring Specialist. Many in the cosmetic industry will have heard this term used before. But, if you’re new to the scene, you may not have heard it at all. Body contouring is one of many treatments used to reduce inches and sculpting the body, and, is sometimes referred to as shaping.
Earn your Body Contouring Certification and become an expert of today’s most in-demand aesthetic specialty.
What Makes SLIMSPA Different
SLIMSPA Institute is a renowned educational institution with instructors have more than 15 years’ experience and continue to practice today. Whether you choose to continue your education through body contouring training courses or one of our other programs online, your instructors will be there to guide you through the hands-on approaches that are necessary to learn in order to advance your career.
Learn body contouring techniques from around the worlds including American, European and Brazilian.
Our reputation precedes us, you are our focus and we want to help you to develop and advance your career. You’ll gain the knowledge needed to take your career to the next level especially as aesthetic clinics and medical spas rapidly expand and face demand for expert and specialist with a high level of knowledge.
Our Online Body Contouring Training Course will prepare students to create quality work and a solid foundation for their skill and career. Our goal is to prepare students to be expert in their skills and perform the best quality work.
The Body Contouring training course will allow you to start up your own Body Contouring business and get going as soon as you have successfully completed the online training course. We offer an in-depth training course, which enables you to become certified and knowledgeable in Body Contouring procedures.
Learn how to do each treatment correctly and safely to obtain maximum results. Get expert training on how to give your clients an hour glass figure with the hottest non-surgical techniques without spending thousands of dollars and expensive equipment.
LEARN 10 SCULPTING TECHNIQUES IN ONE Online Training Course! This online training course is for beginners or advanced professionals who want to get up to speed on new body shaping techniques, self-paced, accessible 24 hours a day, & allows you to learn at your own convenience.
You will have access to the course for 360 days. It is not necessary to buy expensive equipment to be successful and achieve incredible results in body shaping treatments.
Need a body contouring certification fast?
In just a few hours, you can become fully certified in providing safe and effective treatments. The SlimSpa Institute’s online body contouring training courses. Increase your service offerings and grow your career today!
Do you wish to be a part of the $16 billion dollar beauty industry and grow your personal skill sets while earning money? SlimSpa Institute is the leading provider of online body contouring training courses for popular and successful treatments without spending thousands of dollars on expensive beauty equipment
The demand for a more natural and non-invasive approach to beauty treatments have immensely increased in the last few years. Which is why our training courses are specially crafted to answer that demand. We made sure that every student, even those without prior experience, can easily follow our well-structured training courses. It will cover everything that you need to know in order to provide safe and effective non-surgical body contouring treatment so you can help them achieve the body they’ve always wanted without going under the knife.
Taking these courses will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the different treatment techniques. You will be able to apply the theory, science and practice of body contouring in your own successful business once you’ve become a qualified body contouring specialist. Aside from providing the best learning experience, we also stand out from other training institutes because of the ongoing support we offer. Students can contact us anytime if they need any additional help with the courses. No one will be left behind. The best part is? You can begin learning RIGHT NOW! We offer our training courses in a 24/7 learning platform so you can start your courses anytime!
Once purchased, you have full control over how and when you’ll finish the course.
You also have a LIFETIME ACCESS to the platform so you can just come back anytime for a refresher
Regular Price $199 NOW Online $97
CALL TODAY for more information:
1-800-404-6888 or (305) 599-9196 | Email:[email protected]

*There is some important information about BODY CONTOURING Treatments that you need to know if are considering offering body contouring services in a commercial environment. Certain states require a massage therapist or an esthetician, body wrapper license. Please check with the Board of Cosmetology in your State. 
Disclaimer: Students MUST do their due diligence to research what the state board requirements are for their specific state. In some cases, for all body sculpting services, a state may require a massage therapy, esthetics, or nursing license. Although this is what some states require, STUDENTS MUST RESEARCH THEIR STATE’S REGULATIONS by checking with the Board of Cosmetology and Board of Health. Students must also agree that they have researched, either already have their license, or agree to obtain it before they begin servicing clients. SLIMSPA does not license students(only the state board can license). SLIMSPA and this online training course do not award credit hours

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