Virtual mesotherapy was born as a practice that achieves the same results as mesotherapy, but without the need of puncturing the skin. On the other hand, different techniques are used to employ the products using other aesthetic equipment.
The MESOTHERAPY Without Needles has being used since the year 2002 in aesthetic procedures, being the noninvasive, athermic and painless alternative and well-known as “virtual mesotherapy”. Finally, this virtual mesotherapy technology is accessible to every aesthetic professional at a very economical price. Remember that Virtual Mesotherapy is indicated for facial as well as corporal treatments such as facial rejuvenation, deep hydration, cellulitis, flaccidity, overweight, stretch marks and many other.
The most common techniques used are:
-Electroporation -Iontophoresis (galvanic current) -Sonophoresis -Ultrasound -Cavitation & Radiofrequency -Micro-Needling

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