The world’s most advanced Body Wrap System!
Each individually wrapped and sealed bandage is pre-soaked and imbued with special ingredients, eliminating the need for messy and time-consuming treatments. The ingredients stay active for up to 6 hours after treatment.
SlimSpa Ready-To-Wrap System, designed to revolutionize your salon, spa, or esthetic practice. Here are the top benefits that will surely pique the interest of estheticians and motivate them to invest in this exceptional product:

-Hygienic and Disposable: Our bandages are individually wrapped and sealed, ensuring a hygienic application process. No need to recycle bandages, saving time and hassle.
-Easy Application: Each bandage comes pre-soaked with a special mixture, simplifying the treatment process. No more time-consuming mixing of products or ingredients, and no showers are required post-treatment.
-Variety of Bandages: SlimSpa offers a wide range of bandages, including Hot (Slimming-Anti-Cellulite) and Cold (Slimming-Firming) options. You can cater to diverse client needs with our unique selection.
-Mixed Treatments: Our innovative system allows you to perform up to two different treatments simultaneously during the same session, maximizing efficiency and client satisfaction.
-Guaranteed Quality: SlimSpa ensures that the active ingredients used in every treatment are consistent in quality. Clients can expect guaranteed results from their very first session, backed by European quality standards.
-Time and Cost Efficiency: Our Ready-to-use Body Wrap System not only saves time but also reduces expenses. No more mixing products, washing bandages, or using special equipment. The overall cost per treatment is lower compared to other body wrap systems.
-Detoxifying Ingredients: The bandage is formulated with detoxifying ingredients, such as Ivy extract, which contract blood vessels and enhance the lymphatic system. This results in improved skin texture without any adverse effects on the circulatory system.
-Natural and Safe: SlimSpa’s bandages contain all-natural ingredients that are highly effective on loose skin, ensuring a safe and side-effect-free treatment experience.
-Client Satisfaction: SlimSpa Body Wrap System delivers not only visible results but also a satisfying and rejuvenating experience for clients, leading to repeat business and positive referrals.

Elevate your esthetic practice with SlimSpa’s innovative Body Wrap System, offering convenience, quality, and exceptional results that both you and your clients will appreciate.

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