Inner Arm Patches w/ Caffeine, Collagen & Algae (2 pc)

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Reducing & Firming ARM PATCHES: For skin with visible adipose and relaxed tissue generally caused by the weakening of the collagen fibres and elasticity of tissue…

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This non-woven cloth patch is infused with a powerful, botanically based formula that delivers tightening, toning, and firming results wherever you need them most!
The main objective of this treatment is to reduce adiposity in the abdominal area and to shape, firm and reduce cellulite in various parts of the body (thighs, buttocks, arms, etc.). Due to the remarkable resistance of adipose tissue and the various stages of cellulite, the formula has been specifically designed to reduce and model the most affected body areas with overweight, cellulite and flaccidity. This is a first to market body patch made with botanical ingredients and designed to be used on any target area of your body to tighten, tone, & firm that area in just 45 minutes! Each wrap is infused with a special formulation of botanical ingredients which work together to deliver impressive results
Redefines the appearance of your body’s contours
Tightens, Tones & Firms
Improves Skin Texture & Tightness
Mess-free and simple to use
Results in as little as 45 minutes
Benefits of treatment include – reduction in appearance of cellulite and fat deposits, slims, firms & tones.
Improves elasticity, increases circulation, hydrates the skin and reinforces collagen fibres to make the skin firmer and stronger.
Induces Lipolysis and Fat Burning in layer below skin’s surface.
Can be applied directly on the skin to the area being targeted.
Naturally dissolves the active ingredients in response to body temperature.
Delivers a specific dose of active ingridients deep into the skin to maintain effectiveness
Skin looks toned and feels healthier in a shorter period of time.


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    Tightens arm skin, revitalizes.

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