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SlimPlaster Kit #2 (12 Treatments)


12 SlimPlaster Units 20 cms $90
1 Body Cream 32oz. $40
1 Scrub Body Gel 16 oz. $25
1 Plastic Wrap 500 feet $12.50
Effective Inch Loss. Body Contouring. Reduces Flabby Skin. Drains Water Retention. Detoxification. Fights Cellulite. No Need for Showers. Proven Cosmetic Ingredients. Customizable Application. Long-Lasting Results.


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12 SlimPlaster Units 20 cms $90
1 Body Cream 32oz. $40
1 Scrub Body Gel 16 oz. $25
1 Plastic Wrap 500 feet $12.50

-Effective Inch Loss: SlimPlaster helps you lose inches from your desired body areas, offering noticeable results.
-Body Contouring: It contours and sculpts your body, providing a more toned and shapely appearance.
-Reduces Flabby Skin: The treatment can help reduce flabbiness, making your skin appear firmer and smoother.
-Drains Water Retention: SlimPlaster aids in reducing water retention, helping you feel less bloated.
-Detoxification: It detoxifies your body, helping remove harmful substances and promoting overall well-being.
-Fights Cellulite: SlimPlaster actively combats cellulite, improving the texture and appearance of your skin.
-No Need for Showers: Conveniently, no showers are required after application, making it hassle-free.
-Proven Cosmetic Ingredients: SlimPlaster contains a blend of proven and powerful cosmetic ingredients, ensuring effectiveness.
-Customizable Application: You can apply SlimPlaster to various body parts, allowing you to target specific areas for improvement.
-Long-Lasting Results: Results are not temporary; SlimPlaster’s quality components provide permanent benefits, not just temporary water loss.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs

Main products and materials needed:-Body Exfoliating Scrub -SlimPlaster Roll (20 cms or 15 cms) -Silver Mylar Sheets or Heavy Duty Blanket-Slimming Cream or Firming Cream -Optional: Thermo-Active Hot Gel, Cryo-Slim Cold Gel-Optional: Body Reducing Ampoules-Plastic WrapDIRECTIONS:Minimum treatments: 6-8 sessionsFrequency: 2 times a weekSession time: 60 minutes (approx.)Can be applied in: Abdomen, Belly, Waist, Legs, Arms or Thighs
Professional Application Protocol:
Step 1: Weigh (scale) and take the measurements from the client and write them down on their personal chart (optional)
Step 2: Put the Mylar sheet (or Heavy Duty Blanket) on the bed and lay your client on the sheet
Step 3: Intensely exfoliate skin with Body Scrub Exfoliating
Step 4: Wipe off the scrub residue with a warm damp towel or paper towel
Step 5: (Optional) Apply a half reducing ampoule on the area you want to improve
Step 6: (Optional) Apply a little of the Thermo-Active Hot Gel and massage until the gel is absorbed
Step 7: Apply the body cream (slimming or firming cream) with a good massage
Step 8: Moisten a roll of plaster in a bowl of warm water for 5 seconds. Eliminate excess water without twisting the bandages.
Step 9: Apply and polish the plaster on the client's abdomen from bottom to top with light pressure. During this process the client must keep the abdomen contracted
Step 10: Apply several layers of osmotic plastic (plastic wrap) with light pressure over the plaster and the area to be treated.
Step 11: The client must stand for 15 minutes until the cast dries a bit. Then they can go home or wait 45 minutes in the spa lying on a bed.
Step 12: The client must stay with the plaster on for a minimum of 45 minutes (if they stays in the spa) and a maximum 4-8 hours (if they go home with the cast on). The client should not exercise or strenuous physical activity while wearing the cast and drink a lot of water and avoid heavy meals.
Step 13: After the indicated time, the client can remove and discard the plaster himself, cutting it with a small blunt scissors
Step 14: To increase the effectiveness and close the treatment, apply with a light massage Slimming, Firming Cream or Cry-Slim Cold GelThe client should not bathe or apply another cream to the area until after 2 hours.