Tired of Ineffective Beauty Products? Your 10-Point NEW Product Evaluation Checklist

Tired of Ineffective Beauty Products?
Your 10-Point NEW Product Evaluation Checklist
Boost Your Spa’s Success

As a spa owner or esthetician, it is essential to conduct a thorough assessment before adding a new product to your professional body treatments.
10 Factors to Vet Before Adding Products to Your Spa Treatments:
1-Training and Support: Verify if the manufacturer offers training and technical support to ensure proper product usage.
2-Expert Reviews: Research what other estheticians and industry professionals think about the product, and consider the opinions of trusted individuals in your professional network.
3-Ingredient Composition: Examine the ingredient list carefully to ensure they are safe and of high quality. Avoid products with controversial or harmful ingredients.
4-Skin Type Compatibility: Check if the product is suitable for all skin types you cater to in your spa, from sensitive to oily skin.
5-Visible Results: Evaluate if the product provides visible results and lives up to the promises of skin improvement or other benefits it offers.
6-Side Effects: Investigate potential side effects and perform patch tests on clients to prevent adverse reactions.
7-Contraindications: Ensure the product has no contraindications with other treatments or medical conditions of your clients.
8-Ease of Use: Verify if the product is easy to apply and if it requires special skills from your staff.
9-Cost per Treatment: Calculate the cost per treatment and make sure the product is cost-effective for your business, considering the purchase price and the number of treatments you can perform with it.
10-Customer Service and Warranty: Reach out to the manufacturer or distributor to assess the quality of their customer service and if they offer any satisfaction guarantee.

Additionally, you may consider conducting pilot tests on select clients before implementing the product in all your body treatments. This will allow you to gather direct feedback and adjust your approach as needed. Ultimately, research and caution are key to ensuring that the new product meets the expectations and quality standards of your spa. By evaluating a new product in this manner, you can make informed decisions to enhance the quality of your body treatments and your clients’ satisfaction.

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